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By the time you get a Domain Name ($15/y@Godaddy), Hosting ($7-15/m@Godaddy), and Email Forwarding ($3-7/m@Godaddy) complete you probably don’t even want to think about building a template-based website ($5-10/m@Godaddy), however, you would have paid $400 before getting anything remotely presentable. For legal reasons we insist you purchase your own domain, you should have the right and ability to fire us at any time without being held hostage by any web design company. Basic Hosting and a template-bases website powered by WordPress is only $240 a year or $20/month.

The following products and services are available with the submission of a Business Plan and a Marketing Plan. If you do not have a Business Plan or a Marketing Plan we can help you with that. You can download the questionnaire and follow the direction in filling it out. This is key to logically thinking through what is required in a website. no one knows your business like you do.

Web design services start at $120/month and include one-on-one online interviews with your graphic designer,  monthly updates, content generation, form building, training, management, and much more. The key is that web design services can be scheduled on a monthly payment plan, a one-time payment plan, or a combination. Your graphic designer will build your website on your schedule. Most business owners want a functional website up as soon as possible, and thus require a deposit and final payment upon completion. Often non-profits and clubs are more interested in maintaining lower cost rather than instantaneous functionality and thus can be built on a monthly expenditure basis.  This plan includes hosting.

Facebook Pages start at $300 to build and will not be built without a specific URL (website) to link them to. The purpose of a Facebook Page is to drive traffic to your website and to create a platform with witch to build an audience.  Facebook Page Management is included in our Social Media Marketing (SMM) Management plan for one Facebook page is $750/month. (Monthly Facebook Adds included)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to being seen on Google and thus the key to web traffic. SEO will include the Web Design Monthly Service plan, Hosting, and a one-time Facebook Page building/unification. Both on-page and off-page SEO takes time for the web-crawlers of find and rank, however, the off page SEO the longest. The on-page quality, content, keywords, coding, architecture, speed, and mobility will be balanced with the off-page links, adds, authority, identity, location, and social engagement. The Basic SEO plans for one webpage is $750/month. The Top SEO & SMM Plan is $1250, however we do encourage taking the $250 monthly savings and redirecting it into other marketing campaigns.

Graphic Design Services start with a complete marriage of all distributed promotional products. This includes but is not limited to Logo Design, Business Card Design, Brochure Design, Form flow and design, posters, mailers, magazine adds, and much more.

Commercial Photography Services We work closely with a professional Commercial Photographer who provides top quality photography for your business needs. The quality of your products and services is often perceived in the quality of photography used in marketing. Having a professional photographer who has been formally trained in commercial photography photograph your business’ people, products, and services will portray the professional image your business provides.